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Urban Legend: Barn Find Lambos And More

For months, pictures have been circulating around the ol’ internet showing a fabricated building that housed millions of dollars in exotics and desirable muscle cars. The story itself is equal parts urban legend and rehashed facts, none of which help to provide any closure to enthusiasts who can’t stand seeing a rare car ignored. The “collection,” as it were, may already be split up and sold, making us gnash our teeth for nothing. No matter what, the pictures are jaw-dropping to look at.

When the pictures first began circulating, there was plenty of astonishment and horror to go around. A few folks claimed to know the individual who owned the vehicles and that this was much ado about nothing: he owned the cars, he knew what he had, and there was no need to stage an Indiana Jones-level of holy grail rescue to remove these classics from their dusty tomb. Is this a genuine Shelby Mustang? It certainly looks that way, but the empty engine bay is a disappointment.

Curiously, the vehicles’ owner likely has the largest collection of barn-find Lamborghini Countachs in existence, as I count at least three in the photos. There’s a blue one in the top photo, and on the other side of the desirable Porsche Speedster (said to have only 41 miles) is another Countach, as seen below. I don’t see any telltale signs of them being Fiero-based kit cars, so it’s safe to assume they are the genuine article. Also worth nothing in the top photo is a Cadillac Eldorado (a Biarritz, perhaps?) and a Buick GSX

Here’s the third Lamborghini, parked to the left of the Speedster and facing a Ferrari 400. To the left of the Countach is an ordinary Jeep, but with this collection, I’m guessing it’s at least a rare Golden Eagle or some other limited production model. As mentioned, the frequency with which these photos have been circulated could mean the collection has already been sold at Barrett-Jackson, but perhaps the cars are still there, as dusty as ever. If you know any more details about this impressive mix of exotics and muscle, leave a tip in the comments below.

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