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Brand New 1987 Buick Grand Nationals Found!

I know there isn’t such a thing as a new 1987 Buick, but this pair of Grand Nationals is about as close as you’re going to get. Apparently, the owner purchased these new and simply parked them in his garage. And that’s pretty much where they have stayed ever since. A while back, the owner decided it was time to move on, so they posted the cars on Facebook with an asking price close to $200k! That’s a crazy amount of money for any automobile, but it caught the eye of one Grand National fan named William. He decided to contact the guy just to have a look and boy was he glad he did!

It sounds like the seller is a bit eccentric. He required William to jump through all kinds of hoops just to see the cars. After meeting all the requirements, he and a friend were finally granted the privilege, so they made the three and a half hour drive. When they got there, the seller led them to an old house. They opened the garage door and sitting inside were the “Twins”. They are identical, have consecutive VINs, and have been together since leaving the factory, so the nickname only seems fitting. Both are low-mileage cars with their window stickers still in place.

William’s friend Shawn made an offer, but the seller was firm on the asking price. So Shawn decided to think about it before spending $200k on a pair of dusty Buicks. Given their history, they are likely worth more as a pair than individually, but the price was still too high. So they had to head home empty handed, but they spent the next month dreaming about the Grand Nationals. In the meantime, Shawn found a Mustang he wanted, so he called the seller to retract his offer. For whatever reason, that motivated the seller and they were finally able to make a deal. He called William and told him to get ready to make the drive back over to pick up the Twins.

They made the three-hour drive yet again. As soon as they arrived, they started inspecting the cars to make sure they hadn’t been messed with since their last visit. The seller started to get agitated and told them they couldn’t touch the cars until he got his money. So they headed to the nearest bank to transfer the money. After that, they got the cars moved out and loaded into a trailer as fast as they could! Given the situation, I don’t blame them.

The Twins are now safe in Shawn’s shop. The headliners are sagging and they will likely need all the consumables replaced after sitting for all those years. Both car’s engines are in good shape though, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get them running again. One has 807 miles and the other has just 592 miles, so they haven’t even been broken in yet! Shawn plans on keeping them together and is going to take them to car shows. I’m just glad to hear that the Twins won’t be separated! We may have missed out on this find, but there is a nice low-mileage Grand National on eBay right now that I have my eye on…

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