Guaranteed Credit Approval

Exactly how it works, what you need, and what we will do.

Attention attention…

All skeptics, cynics, doubters, or non-believers. All the “mine’s so bad they won’t get me approved” or “I’ll get me a free car!” people…

If you want a loan, you no longer have an excuse…
Car City of Danbury to get you a loan, on any of the vehicles in our inventory, read this page. We will explain exactly what you need to be qualified for a loan. Bring these items in, sign a few papers, and that’s it. Drive away in your new vehicle.
  • What the bank requirements are
  • What your down payment requirements are
  • what paperwork you will need to provide
  • what the entire buying process is


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  • right

Read our articles and blog posts regarding approvals, estimate payment scenarios using our Finance calculator, read the “Frequently Asked Questions” we hear all the time sitting on the opposite side of the desk, or feel free to just contact us with any of your specific finance questions.

No two people are the same, we understand that, and “work around” your situation. We just want to sell you a car, and we’ll do whatever we can do (within reason, and the law) to get you driving in the vehicle that you want. If you arrive prepared with all of the requirements, we can have you in-an-out driving away in your new vehicle in under 30 minutes…Don’t worry, if you need more time, we’ll never rush you out.

If you want to skip all this and go right to the application, apply online here!

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